Shield yourself and your loved ones from
99.99% of harmful germs2

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Germs are everywhere, and now, more than ever, we need more effective, more convenient protection for ourselves, our families and our environments.

Crystawash® Extend’s long-lasting protection offers real advantages over many other sanitisers. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers provide short-term germ protection and, to be effective, require reapplication every time a new surface is touched. They also contain up to 70% alcohol, which tends to strip your skin of natural oils, leaving your hands dry and chapped.

Crystawash® Extend foaming hand sanitiser covers the hands with a gentle, invisible, water-proof, biostatic layer that ruptures the membranes of germs upon contact. The result is it keeps on killing for up to 24 hours1 and provides effective protection against contact with multiple germ-infected surfaces.

Crystawash® Extend provides security and peace-of-mind for busy, health-conscious people, with convenient, gentle and prolonged protection from harmful germs on any surface and without the need to continuously reapply throughout the day.

Alcohol free - no harsh chemicals

Alcohol free
- no harsh chemicals

Sanitises and protects for up to 24 hrs1

Sanitises and protects for up to 24 hrs1

Kills 99.99% of surface germs2

Kills 99.99% of surface germs2

Gentle, odourless, water-based foam

Gentle, odourless, water-based foam

Non-sticky feel on skin

Non-sticky feel on skin

Cystawash Germ Free In Elevator

How it works

Combining an active antimicrobial agent with a synergistic coating agent allows Crystawash® Extend to effectively bond to skin, creating an invisible, water-proof protective layer that kills 99.99% of germs2 on contact – and keeps on killing for up to 24 hours1.

Apply foam generously to your hands and gently rub until dry.
It becomes active once it is dry, and you’re protected for up to 24 hours1
Apply as required throughout the day.

Where to buy

Crystawash® Extend is available at all good pharmacies throughout New Zealand


Crystawash® Extend is a water-based formulation that is colourless, odourless and alcohol-free. It contains an antimicrobial agent, a Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) named Benzalkonium Chloride, which is combined with a long-lasting coating agent. There is a synergistic action between the QAC and the coating agent resulting in prolonged germ protection.

Crystawash® Extend is a long-lasting sanitiser that has 24-hour residual efficacy against germs through the synergistic pairing of the antimicrobial agent with the coating agent. The antimicrobial agent kills pathogens by puncturing their cell membranes, while the coating agent holds it onto the skin to provide prolonged protection.

Yes, all claims are supported by the successful results of our key studies:

  • Kills 99.99% of germs – proven by an evaluation of the bacteria-killing activity of Crystawash® Extend.
  • Up to 24-hour residual efficacy against germs – evidenced by testing on synthetic skin, measuring the bacteria killing effect of Crystawash® Extend over 24 hours.

We tested different concentrations of the Benzalkonium Chloride and the coating agent to identify the best synergistic combination.

Use the air pump to apply foam generously onto DRY hands and gently rub until dry.

Crystawash® Extend is water based and contains no alcohol or harsh chemicals. It can be used around children, pets and plants alike.

No. The sanitiser forms an invisible, germ-killing layer on the skin and will not damage clothing if it makes contact.

The formula is designed to stay on hands and keep on working long after initial application (as opposed to alcohol-based sanitisers which are only effective at the point-of-application for a short period of time).

Crystawash® Extend is not intended to replace hand washing. Its purpose is to support routine hand washing and provide peace of mind that you are protected in between washes due to the residual efficacy of the formula over an extended period of time. e.g., if you forget or are unable to wash your hands.

Crystawash® Extend will gradually rub off over an extended duration of time through abrasion, natural sloughing of skin cells and through continuous hand washing.

Crystawash® Extend will continue to kill germs on the skin. If you are accustomed to hand cream or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, we recommend applying these PRIOR to using Crystawash® Extend. If alcohol-based hand sanitisers are also used or frequent hand washing is undertaken, Crystawash® Extend can be reapplied.

Immediately following application to dry hands, the skin will feel wet – but once the formula dries the skin will feel smooth and silky, with an invisible antimicrobial coating. This coating will protect the skin for up to 24-hours.

Crystawash® Extend should not cause irritation as it is water-based and alcohol-free, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. In addition, the skin will be free to function normally with no restrictions on its ability to sweat and produce oil.

Crystawash® Extend has proven residual efficacy for up to 24-hours but you can continue to reapply throughout the day if you so wish.

Crystawash® Extend is designed to support routine hand washing and provide you with peace-of-mind that you are protected from germs in between washes. However, particularly within high-risk environments (e.g., Health Care), more frequent application can take place if preferred.

We always recommend that people thoroughly wash their hands as part of a proper hygiene routine. Reapplication of Crystawash® Extend, after following proper hand-washing techniques, will ensure you will continue to be protected until you are able to wash your hands again. This is in contrast to alcohol-based hand sanitisers which are only effective at point-of-application for a short period of time.

No. Crystawash® Extend is a mild, non-sticky, alcohol-free, water-based formulation that leaves a natural feel on your skin.

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